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When I saw a Spyderco knife for the first time I have to admit I dismissed it as the design did not appear to be functional to me. As time passed and I heard people talking about the quality and the saw the loyal following I decided to take a closer look.
When I met Sal Glesser a few years ago and got to know him and his approach I did a full 180. In fact, I have several of my own and often carry a Spyderco. I consider my Delica to to be one of my top "go-to" knives.

The predominant reason I have become a Spyderco fan is the quality of materials, construction and the razor sharp edge. I have never seen a flawed Spyderco knife. I have bought and sold a few hundred of them and examined them closely. They have all had superb fit, finish and lock-up.

Beyond the quality of Spyderco I have also gained an appreciation for their design innovations.

Sal created a simple, elegant solution for one-hand-opening with the trademarked Spyderco hole. Rather than adding material and expense this unique innovation embraces economy of material and design.

Looking through the catalog of Spyderco knives past and present is a study in design innovation. Pay special attention to the many locking mechanisms and specialty purpose knife designs.

For those of you who have not taken a closer look at Spyderco knives because they are not a traditional knife I would suggest to approach them with an open mind. You just may end up being counted as a fan of Spyderco knives.

This material is copy written by Chris Hyde 2007 for World Knives, Ltd. Any use without permission is strictly forbidden.

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