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Blade Steel Guide

Blade Steel Guide for Knifemakers. In depth steel information.For more in depth information about blade steels please visit our freinds at Bernez's Knifemaking Info Page.

Carbon (C)
- Increases edge retention and raises tensile strength
- Increases hardness and improves resistance to wear and abrasion

Chromium (Cr)
- Increases hardness, tensile strength and toughness
- Provides resistance to wear and corrosion

Cobalt (Co)
- Increases strength and hardness and permits quenching in higher temperatures
- Intensifies the individual effects of other elements in more complex steels

Copper (Cu)
- Increases corrosion resistance
- Increases wear resistance

Manganese (Mn)
- Increases hardenability, wear resistance and tensile strength
- De-oxidizes and de-gasifies to remove oxygen from molten metal
- In larger quantities, increases hardness and brittleness

Molybdenum (Mo)
- Increases strength, hardness, hardenability, and toughness
- Improves machinability and resistance to corrosion

ickel (Ni)
- Adds strength, hardness and corrosion resistance

Phosphorous (P)
- Improves strength, machinability and hardness
- Creates brittleness in high concentrations

Silicon (Si)
- Increases yield strength
- Increases tensile strength
- De-oxidizes and de-gasifies to remove oxygen from molten metal

Sulphur (S)
- Improves machinability when used in minute quantities

Tungsten (W)
- Adds strength, toughness and hardness

Vanadium (V)
- Increases strength, hardness and resistance to shock impact
- Retards grain growth

1XXX Carbon
13XX Manganese
2XXX Nickel
23XX 3.5% Nickel
25XX 5.0% Nickel
3XXX Nickel/Chrome
4XXX Molybdenum
40XX Carbon/Moly
41XX Chrome/Moly
43XX Chrome/Moly/Nickel
46/48XX Moly/Nickel
5XXX Chromium
51XX Low Chromium
52XX Medium Chromium
53XX High Chromium
6XXX Chromium/Vanadium
86/87XX Nickel/Chromium/Moly
92XX Manganese/Silicon

A Air-hardening
D Die steel
F Carbon/Tungsten
H Hot work alloys
L Low alloy
M Molybdenum
O Oil hardening
P Casting steel
S Shock resistant
T Tungsten
W Water hardening

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