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Bowie knives are a staple of American knife history. Rezin P. Bowie is the namesake of the modern bowie knife and constructed the first bowie knife from an old file in the late 1820's. The knife was designed to be used for hunting...
Bowie Knives

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It was said that James Bowie, Rezin's brother, used this same knife to kill Maj. Norris Wright in a now infamous fight that was part of what launched bowie knives into knife fame.

Although the Bowie was an intrinsically American knife it is now produced all over the world. There are so many different design variations of bowie knives that it is hard to keep up.

Some people have said that the 'survival knife' is the most modern extrapolation of the bowie design.

At World Knives we have a growing selection of modern Bowie knives.

Linder of Germany crafts some excellent contemporary bowies. Linder has been making knives since 1870 and is one of Solingen, Germany's oldest cutleries.

Take a look at the Linder Special Engraved Collector Stag Bowie we have in stock. It is a stunning bowie!

This knife measures a whopping 15" long with a 440 German steel blade measuring 9 3/4"! It weighs more than 1-1/2 pounds out of the sheath.

But this knife doesn't just have size on it's side. The craftsmanship is outstanding! It has massive stag scales, highly polished solid brass bolsters and engraving on the blade.

Linder also offers a slightly smaller stag handled bowie. Linder Stag Bowie Knife measures 12 3/4" overall. It has a 7 3/4" 440 stainless steel blade, stag handle and solid brass guard and pommel. The beautifully constructed leather sheath is made to last.

Whether you are interested in high quality pocket, folding, hunting, bowie or other quality knives, World Knives will have something for you. Our inventory is always growing. So please click through and take a look.

We are glad to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique blades. We are especially interested in high quality cutlery from around the world.

Please take some time to look around at our growing inventory. We are sure you will find a knife that you will love - especially our growing selection of bowie knives.

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