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The Chambriard 1715 Amourette Thiers Pocket Knife is a stunning example of French artisan cutlery. This compact gentleman's knife is hand crafted in Thiers, France in small quantities. The attention to detail, fir and finish is extraordinary!
Chambriard 1715 Compact Pocket Knife

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Chambriard knives can be thought of as a modern twist on the traditional Laguiole style knife with contemporary lines and form. in reality they have a namesake similar to Laguiole knives named after the town in which they are produced.

They are hand crafted using very fine materials. I can also say that dealing with the owner Phillipe Chambraid for nearly 12 years has been a treat. Not only are the knives of extremely high quality, the way the company operates it's business and stands behind it's products is as good as it gets.

The blades of all Chambriard knives arel Sandvik 12c27 Swedish steel. It has a high carbon content and has many of the qualities we have come to appreciate in carbon steel. But it is also quite stain resistant.

The handles of these fine knives are made from top grade, exotic materials including Ebony, Amourette, Rosewood, Ebony, natural horn tip, stag and Juniper.

Each Chambriard knife is 100% handcrafted and each is decorated with craftsman's whim hand file work on the back spring.

'Le Thiers' stands out in their production of cutlery. Named after the French town, which is known as the the capital of the cutlery industry, this outstanding knife represents a culmination of the ancestral know-how of longstanding cutlery tradition

Here is a brief summary of the history of THIERS:

1880 - The Ferrier Family (maternal side of Chambriard family) forged scissors under the trademark "Le taille pr". They were installed in Escoutoux 10 km south of Thiers.

1918 - On his return from the "Great War", World War One, Jules Chambriard had 2 activities going on at the same time, farming and knife assembling. He was a home worker in his shop in Viscomtat, a small village in the Thiers mountains. A very versatile person, he adjusted and assembled pocket knives for various manufacturers in Thiers.

1952 - Andr Chambriard (Only son of Jules) built a small knife factory in "La Montfrie" near Viscomtat where he manufactured table knives and especially a very fashionable model : the all stainless steel monoblock knife. These knives were sold on a worldwide scale.

1965 - Andr Chambriard became mayor of Viscomtatat at the same time his eldest son, Georges, started working on the company.

1973 - The company was prosperous and it extended and got closer to Thiers by setting up in Celles sur Durolle, another small village in the Thiers Mountains.

1980 - Georges and Marie Jo, his wife, bought two shops in cutlery trading in the centre of THIERS from Mr Pirony who had created them in 1950.

1984 - Philippe Chambriard, Georges' eldest son arrived in the company who was followed very shortly after by his brother Dominique in 1988

1990 - The creation of a third shop, "Place Hotel de Ville", which was reserved for table art ware, weddings, lists gifts, etc... The name of the shop "Prestige de la Table". The running of the shop was confided to the two daughter-in-laws, Nicole and Armelle.

1994 - Creation of the brotherhood of the Thiers knife ( "Cout d' Ti" in local dialect) under the aegis of Jean Pierre Treille.
Dominique answered present and was one of the founding members.

1995 - Creation of the Thiers by the brotherhood. A registered and protected model with a refined quality imposed line.

1998 - Creation of the Thiers by Chambriard with a stainless steel or carbon steel blade.Followed by, in 1999 the corkscrew model, the table in 2000, small compact in 2001 10 cm, the small fruit knife in 2004 and the hunting model in 2005 called the "Trappeur".

You can feel good about buying from Chambriard knives knowing that if there is ever a problem with one of their products Phillipe Chambriard will take care of it personally.



I guarantee you will love the quality, design and artistic beauty of these fine Chambriard knives!

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