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CUSTOM KNIVES for collectors. We have a wide selection of CUSTOM KNIVES from Italy, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa and other countries.Custom Knives

Custom knives are increasing in popularity amongst collectors and are widely accepted as a stable source of investment. Custom made knives are at the top of the knife collecting pyramid as they are made by hand and are unique and individual pieces of art.

There are several talented custom knife makers from around the world that have come to prominence in the last few years. There is now a whole world community of custom makers highlighting their art at trade shows held in a variety of countries.

In mid January 2003 we met the World Famous Japanese knife maker Koji Hara. Koji has made his mark by the originality of his designs and his incredible ability to mix elements of Japanese style and art with modern concepts. He also is know for his attention to detail and talent as a world class craftsman.

Besides the quality of his knives, when you meet Koji, you are impressed with his humility and peaceful nature. It is as if the knives are a "zen inspired" extension of himself.

Koji Hara became a full-time knife maker in 1988. For the first three years he made knives in the style of Bob Loveless.

In 1991, when he held his first "one-man knife show" in Seki City, Koji started making knives of his own concept and design.

Three years later, he became an A.K.G (American Knife Guild) Probationary Member. Koji started attending knife show in the U.S. and realized that no custom knife maker could expect to succeed by being a "copycat". It was then that he decided to create knives that reflect his own style. In 1997, he became an A.K.G. Voting Member.

South Africa has become the international hotbed of custom knife making. There have been several articles in trade magazines and a lot of favorable press for the growing number of fine makers in South Africa.

Arno Bernard is one of South Africa's best contemporary custom knife makers. He creates a range of knives from simple, elegant utilitarian hunting knives to stunning damascus and titanium folders with a big "wow" factor.

His knives are also not priced outside a reasonable cost for the beginning collector. You can purchase a knife starting at $100 and ranging up to about $750.

Arno Bernard uses many natural materials native to South Africa on his knives including exotic woods, giraffe bone, warthog tusk and more. Each knife is a distinctive piece of art!

In the Southern province of Santa Fe, Argentina there is a small group of craftsmen dedicated to producing high quality knives and cutlery by hand.

These knives have stylistic elements of the traditional Gaucho (Argentinian cowboy) knives, but also integrate more contemporary designs.

At World Knives we pride ourselves on unique knives that you will not see anywhere else. We offer a wide variety of specialty knives. We have everything from Mushroom collecting knives to equestrian and sailor's knives to custom made knives.

Please take a look. We're sure you will see something that will be interesting to you. Let us know what you think about our selection of fine custom knives.

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