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We have gone through our entire inventory and selected a variety of our knives that are proven to be great gift ideas!


We have a selection of very unique pocket, culinary and specialty knives that you won't find anywhere else!

We believe many of these items would make the perfect gift!

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World Knives features the highest quality knives available from all over the world. We specialize in knives that are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else. All our knives are hand picked for quality, design and innovation. We bring in new models nearly every week so there is always something new to see!

Many of our knives are available in limited numbers and are made to order. If you see something you like don't wait too long to order. We tend to sell out fast!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or for special requests.

World Knives goal is to offer a wide selection of the finest and most unique cutlery from around the world in one place.

We support and promote individual artists, small companies and other knife producers from around the world with the hope that knives that have not been available in the United States will enrich the knife collectors and user here.

We pride ourselves on personal customer service and our availability to answer questions about our products. We understand that without our customers we simply could not exist.

We believe that knives have a strong universal appeal and fascination.

We bring together knife collectors, enthusiasts, manufacturers, custom knife makers and anyone who is fascinated with unique excellent quality knives from around the world.

It is our goal to make World Knives the premier place for anyone interested in unique imported knives and cutlery.

Knives are a great representation of a regions culture. Think about it. A knife is one of our most basic tools. The history and development of a knifes design is a direct reflection of its function and the materials used reflect the regions natural resources.

Knives are intrinsically woven into the culture of a countries given area or region. The design and materials of a knife can even be used as a kind of timeline that represent twists and turns in the history of specific area.

Even the local statutes and laws of a region can effect the knifes design, including blade length and style, and opening mechanism.

Many of the modern international manufacturers have reproductions of knives that are historical to their area. Their contemporary knives often represent a fascinating synthesis of traditional stylistic features with modern construction methods and materials.

We are an active business and are here weekdays from 9:00 - 5:00. We would love to hear from you with questions, comments, or inquiries about our products and gift ideas.

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