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Hunting Knives

Hunting knives are a staple in the extensive world of knives. The term "hunting knife" is used loosely to mean any standard straight blade sheath knife that is at least somewhat geared towards real hunting use.


There are some types of knives that are made specifically for hunting practices. The use of a "skinning knife" is obvious. They generally have a short, tough, razor sharp blade that is designed to easily separate hide from flesh.

Skinning knives will sometime have a dull, barbed hook on the tip of the knife for eviscerating game. This is often referred to as a "gut hook".

There is no perfect "hunting knife". The 'right' knife will be determined by the specific use, kind of game, and hunters preference of materials and style. There is certainly no lack of choice for someone who is looking for a knife made for hunting purposes.

At World Knives we carry a variety of hunting knives from around the world. we have hunting knives from Esparcia of Spain, EKA of Sweden, Linder of Germany, Joker of Spain, Hattori from Japan and many other knife manufacturers.

Linder of Germany's hunting knives are outstanding in quality and design. Linder has been making knives since 1870. They manufacture their knives in Solingen, Germany, the undisputed home of fine European knives. Check out Linder's Special Cocobolo Hunting Knife. It is a skinning knife of supreme quality.

Esparcia makes a great knife! They have traditional Spanish designs with modern materials. Take a look at the Esparcia olive wood bowie!

There are so many kinds of unique hunting knives it is impossible to represent them all.

vWe are always on the "look out" for unusual hunting knives from all the corners of the globe. If you have a collection of cutlery please get in touch with us. We are always buying!

Please take a careful look at our growing selection of cutlery from around the world. There is something here for everybody - especially among our growing inventory of hunting knives.

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Hunting Knives

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