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Imported Knives

Imported knives of high quality are our specialty. Highest quality import knives available from all over the world. Hard to find European knives, and more.Imported Knives


Imported knives of high quality are our specialty. We have a unique selection of exotic cutlery that we import from every corner of the world!

You will find an incredible selection of blades that are hand picked for their uniqueness and quality. We know you will find something that you'll like!

We feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, Laguiole, Viper, Hartkopf , EKA, Mercury, Linder, Kappetijn, Helle, Hubertus, Masahiro, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield, Boker, Eickhorn, and many more!

If you are interested in high quality folding, hunting, straight blade, and other styles we will have something for you.

Our inventory is always growing. Our buyers are always searching the world for new sources of unique, high quality, imported collectors cutlery.

We offer a growing selection of European blades that are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else. The influx of large quantities of cheap, low quality blades have given imports a bad name.

In reality some of the finest cutlery available are produced in other countries. Spanish cutlery, for example, is very unique in it's quality, craftsmanship and design.

The traditional blades of Spain are a good example of some of our favorite products.

Spain has a rich history of knife production. They are probably most well known for what is generically called the 'clasp' knife.

The clasp knife is traditionally a long one blade knife that that tapers to a point. This design comes from the fact that natural horn was used when these were made and the craftsman would construct the handle using the natural contour of that animals horn.

The clasp knife was made in several countries in Europe. It is still produced there and can also be found in parts of Mexico. The Spanish version is often referred to as a Navaja (which actually translates directly to the English word "knife")

You will see several contemporary Clasp knifes on the pages of World Knives. Try our handy search engine and submit the word "claps". You will be taken to list of every clasp knife that we offer!

Spain is only one example of a country that exports high quality cutlery. We offer a variety of knifes from France, Italy, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Russia, Finland, Cambodia, India, Nepal and more.

There are numerous examples of fine collectors cutlery world- wide and it would be impossible to represent all of them.

We are always looking for new knife companies to represent. We are eager to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique imported knives.

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Imported Knives

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