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Italian Knives

Italian knives, fine imported blades, unusual collectors cutlery and knifes you simply cannot find anywhere else on the web you will find at the internet's number one imported knife siteItalian Knives

We feature Italian knives from Maserin, Mercury, Viper and Conaz.


We feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, Laguiole, Esparcia, EKA, Mercury, Linder, Helle, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield, and many and several other manufacturers.

If you are looking for excellent imported cutlery no one beats us! We are the number one resource on the internet for an excellent selection of fine knifes from Europe and abroad.

We also guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will refund your money. just contact us within ten days of receipt of your item, send it back and then we will send you a refund! We want you to come back and we will treat you right!

Knifes have a universal appeal to both men and women. Blades of all kinds have become extremely collectible. As our cutlery is unique and hard to find they can be a good investment!

Italian cutlery, for example, is very unique in it's craftsmanship and design. The traditional cutlery of Italy is a reflection of the culture, history and needs of a particular region. There are several styles of knives from Italy that have been produced for several hundred years. Some examples are Arburese, Bergamasco, Caccia Mugellano, Pattada, Zuava and Rasolino.

You will see several contemporary knife makers still reproducing these styles that are identical to knife makers of the past. You will also see modern knife makers of Italy producing fascinating "cross-over" designs combining aspects of older cutlery with new materials and forward thinking designs.

Of course this synthesis of the old into the new is not limited to any particular region or country. If we look at the history of knife making in the United States, or any country, we see a very similar progression.

But in Italy there is a longer history of the craft of knife making and it is intrinsically woven into the day to day lives of these Europeans. Since Western European culture is so much older than that of ours in the United states they have had a longer time to develop and are somewhat more a reflection of art and culture than blades made here.

That's not to say that the knife of Italy are superior to those made in the US. In fact I think the finest blades made can be found here. It's just a comment on how the relationship to a longer history can effect the design and cultural context of a knife.

There are so many kinds of unique, imported, and collectors knives that it's impossible to show them all. But that will not stop us from trying.

If you sell an unusual brand of knife or have any ideas that will help us to expand our world of cutlery or please let us know. We are glad to be hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique cutlery.

We love the knifes of Italy and are always looking for more fine collectors cutlery from Italy or any other fine Italian knives.

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Italian Knives

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