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Japanese Knives

Japanese knives are some of the finest knives produced in the world today.


The Knives made in Seki, Japan are among the best production knives made anywhere in the world.

Many people would be surprised to learn that many of the "American" production knives such as Spyderco, Junglee, Walther, Tool logic, Al Mar, SOG, Cold Steel, Browning and others are made in Seki, Japan.

This is a prestigious list of knife manufacturers who trust much of their production to the Japanese contractors in Seki, Japan. First because of the quality control, but also for the price to quality ratio. For the money there are simply not any knives better than those made in Seki, Japan!

Hiro knives are another wonderful Japanese knife that is of the highest quality. These knives radiate a sense of pride. The detail, materials and quality of craftsmanship and traditional design are outstanding.

World Knives mission is to offer a vast selection of the finest and most unique cutlery from around the world. We specialize in a unique selection of specialty knives that you will not see anywhere else!

Japanese knives are a good example. Back in the 1950s and 1960s the term "made in Japan" was a critical statement about the quality of a product. The Japanese have worked hard to turn that around and now "made in Japan" is a positive statement of pride and quality.

With the influx of huge quantities of cheap import knives cutlery from abroad has gotten a bad name. In reality some of the best quality knives available are made in countries one may not associate with fine knives. Some of our best quality knives come from such unlikely places as Indonesia, Poland, South Africa and Argentina.

We believe that knives have a huge international and universal appeal. They are reflections of place and time.

Knives are a representation of a regions culture and environment. Think about it. A knife is one of our most basic tools. The history and development of a knifes design is a direct reflection of its function and the materials used come from the regions natural resources.

This is true with the types of steel and materials used in making Japanese knives. Certainly the natural resources of Seki, Japan have contributed to the composition of Japan's most famous steel ATS-34. This steel has a very clean composition and is tough, stainless and attains a super sharp edge.

Please take a look at our growing selection of our growing selection of fine and reasonably priced Masahiro knives.

If you are interested in experiencing the quality of ATS-34, AUS-6 or AUS-8 check out one of the fine knives from Hattori, Hiro or Seki-cut. These are some of the finest examples of Japanese knives.

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Japanese Knives

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