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Joker Knives

Joker knives are a unique, high-quality Spanish knife making some beautiful and unusual models.

They produce a variety of styles that range from traditional Spanish designs that are a part of Spain's ancient history, to some very contemporary models


One of Joker's most popular knives is the Joker Deer Stag Cricket. This sweet little knife has caught a lot of eyes over the past year. We can hardly keep them in stock.

A friend who bought one a few months ago told me about the attention she got on a trip to Yellowstone National park.

She used the joker liner lock to carve a walking staff as she hiked. She said she was overwhelmed with comments by passing hikers about the 'odd little knife." She even got several offers to from people who wanted to buy it!

Joker of Spain has been making a wide variety of cutlery for many years and they are a good example of the quality blades that come from this part of the world.

Their knife quality and ingenuity of design is outstanding - especially for the price.

They offer a number of nice reproductions of the Spanish Clasp knife which was popular in the 1800s, for example.

There are several variations to the design of the Spanish clasp knife. The clasp knife was designed to ratchet open in several positions making a noise that would warn potential foes. It is a is a traditional fighting knife.

Whether you are interested in the best quality pocket, folding, hunting, or other quality cutlery, we will have something for you. Our inventory of knifes is always expanding.

We are always scouring the world for new knifes. It's our goal to bring the fascinating variations in design and craftsmanship from around the world to one place to enjoy. Our premier knife web site

Contact us! We want to know about further means to acquire high end, excellent quality cutlery. There are lots of manufacturers of imported cutlery and we want to represent more. Cuchilleria Joker is a good example of Spanish knives.

Joker Knives has a wide range of models and offers some truly unique cutlery that combine tradition and innovation. We are proud to offer a selection of Spanish Joker knives.

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Joker Knives

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