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Knives of all kinds - blades from every corner of the world - fine collectors blades, unique import knives you just can't find anywhere else ...Knives

Knives of all kinds are our specialty at World Knives, Ltd. We have fine hunting, pocket, culinary and specialty knives from around the world. We feature a unique selection of imported collector's knives and cutlery you simply cannot find anywhere else.

To see our unique selection of hunting, skinning, pocket, culinary and specialty knives please click the logo above!

We offer the highest quality products available from many countries. All our unique items are hand picked for their unusual design and quality.

We feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, Forge de Laguiole, EKA, Mercury, Linder, Helle, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield, and many more!

Are you interested in high quality pocket knives? We have a unique selection of pocket knives and folders you cannot find anywhere else on the internet! We will have something special for you!

Are you a horse enthusiast? We have a wonderful equestrian knife with a hoof pick and locking blade!

Do you like picking mushrooms? We have several knives that are made for those with a mycological bent!

Are you into gardening? We have a wide variety of horticultural knives!

Do you like miniatures? We have a wonderful selection of miniature knives!

We also offer knives for cooking, hunting, nail care, self-defense, fruit tasting and much more!

Our inventory of is always growing and changing. Our buyers search the world for new sources of unique, high quality, imported collectors pieces

Cutlery has a universal appeal and it is our goal to bring the fascinating variations in design and craftsmanship represented by knife makers from around the world to one place for you to enjoy!

The influx of large quantities of low-quality cutlery from Pakistan and China has tended to give imported blades a bad reputation. In reality some of the finest blades available are made in foreign countries.

Since we have been specializing in the import of unusual cutlery we have been increasingly surprised by the quality and design of cutlery from many countries all over the world.

We offer a unique knife by a manufacturer in South Africa, for example, called Okapi. These blades are like nothing we have ever seen. They are beautifully inlaid and have a unique locking mechanism. They are also very reasonably priced.

Germany is a country that is always associated with fine knife making. But you might be surprised at the new wave of cutlery coming out of Germany.

Linder is one manufacturer that is constantly surprising us with a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional knife designs. In addition to historic reproduction Bowies and fruit models they offer a wide range of military style blades and futuristic designs.

Lion Steel of Italy similarly produces cutlery of excellent quality and unusual design. They offer a selection of more traditional cutlery like the Pattada and the Sfitlanto. But they also make a line of hunters that are unlike anything we have seen.

There are also a huge number of custom knife makers that cover every conceivable style and type of blade design. We are working on a project to showcase these makers.

Cutlery comes in nearly every shape and size and it is impossible to show them all. If you sell unusual knives or have any ways to help us to expand our world of imported knifes contact us. We are always glad to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their KNIVES.

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