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I am a junker. I love hitting thrift stores, pawn shops, swap meets and all the rest. In fact I go to our local Goodwill as part of my daily rounds.A couple of weeks ago I noticed that they were no longer putting out culinary knives. At the same time I also noticed that the usually ample supply of golf clubs had totally dried up.

The knife selection there was always fairly good and I have pulled out everything from antique Henckels, Cutco, Old Gerbers and even an old Remington skinner one time. I always look for good cheap golf clubs with graphite shafts as I use the shafts for a new sport that I am developing.

I asked one of the employees why the golf clubs were gone and he told me that the managers heard that they could be used as weapons and decided to stop offering them. It was not a big leap to guess that if they were scared off by golf clubs that they were really scared of knives.

So, I looked around and saw an arsenal on the shelves. Baseball bat clubs and garden tool spears and imagine what you could do with a tent pole!

The NRA guys are always throwing around the saying "Guns don't kill people. People kill people. They ignore the fact that guns just make it a whole lot easier to kill people. That's the problem with these simplistic sayings; they always make good soundbites and bumper stickers, but don't really stand up to scrutiny. To someone like me who advocates the responsible use of guns and gun ownership (as it is our right to do) I dislike this type of misleading message.

So, why do I seemingly veer off course? Because this saying has a valid kernel of truth. As with guns you could more accurately say "Golf clubs don't kill people. People kill people. Golf clubs just make it easier to kill people. But so does a knife or a baseball bat or a pitchfork or a lamp or whatever anyone can pick up to amplify their strength when they are choosing to take the life of a fellow human! Okay, it would be harder to fit this saying on a bumper sticker, but bumpers have never been an effective means of communicating the intricacies that separate truth from fiction.

I have written a lot about knives and encouraged people to refer to them as tools rather than defaulting to the term "weapon". Considering the huge number of day to day practical tasks that a knife is used for there is no good reason for people to think "weapon" when they think "knife".

A big part of the reason for this mindset is that "Man butters bread: film at 11:00″ is not nearly as sexy a title as "Man stabbed in kitchen: film at 11:00″. You just don't hear about the hundreds of millions of practical knife uses that take place every day on the planet. We always have to keep in mind that the media is an amplifier for the negative and always skews the truth.

So, I was at Goodwill yesterday as usual on a Monday afternoon and found that there were fresh stores of culinary knives and golf clubs. I'd like to think that people came to their senses, but mysteriously there was not a baseball bat to be seen anywhere!

Thanks for reading,

Chris Hyde

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