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Linder Knives

Linder knives of Solingen, Germany produce a variety of high quality blades with great attention paid to detail. They have a huge selection of folding, hunting, pocket, bowie and specialty knives.


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Linder has been making knives since 1870. Solingen City Archives show that Carl Wilhelm Linder started his workshop in a little hamlet named Bech, now part of Solingen, Germany.

His youngest son, Carl, was born in 1869 and carried on his father's tradition of fine knife making. In 1903 Carl Linder moved to a larger location, as they had outgrown their tiny workshop.

In 1918 Linder began to export their knives. In 1937, after Carl Linder's death, the company was sold to Paul Rosenkaimer, a knife maker who had been part of Solingen history for a very long time. He chose to call the company "Carl Liner Nachf." In German, the word Nachfolger means "successor," and the company is still officially known as Carl Linder Nachf.

In March of 1985 Paul Rosenkaimer died and his son Siegfried Rosenkaimer became the proprietor of Linder Knives

Many of the contemporary products from Linder knives are a synthesis of traditional designs with new materials and stylistic features.

We offer a number of Linder knives and some new ones every month. One of the best sellers is the Linder stag bowie. This knife is constructed from a traditional western bowie design with a reel deer stag handle. It is a formidable knife with an 8" blade and an overall length of more than 12"!

We also offer Linders "Texas' toothpick. This is also a stag handle blade and is a traditional design from the old west. It boasts a whopping 8 1/8" blade and measures 12 3/4" overall. The blade has a stunning mirror polished blade.

Germany (and especially the city of Solingen) has a reputation known throughout the world for manufacturing high quality cutlery. But did you know that Poland makes one of the finest stag handle hunting knives out there?

Our purpose is to find unusual, high quality knives from every corner of the globe and offer these knives to you.

There are numerous examples of fine collectors cutlery world wide and it would be impossible to represent all of them. But that will not stop us from trying! We are always on "the look out" for new knife companies to represent, like Linder knives.

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Linder Knives

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