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Mushroom Knives

Mushroom knives are one of the unique knives that we offer at World Knives. There is growing interest in mushroom collecting and those who are serious want a serious tool.


Part of the mushroom collector's "code of honor" is to take the mushroom without disturbing the delicate mycelium, the underground infrastructure of the mushroom.

In order to do this correctly the mushroom collector needs a knife with the right shaped blade. It is also helpful to have a brush to clean the dirt off the mushroom.

World Knives offers a variety of mushroom collecting knives by Mercury of Italy.

Mercury's Mico P is a simple, but effective solution for mycologists. It is made of bright red impact plastic, (hard to lose) a tough blade, a lanyard ring and synthetic brush. It measures 10cm closed and is compact and light weight.

The Mico 3 mushroom knife is a step up from the Mico P. It features a rosewood handle, tweezers, ruler, tough stainless steel blade serrated on the back side, a natural bristle brush and a handy lanyard ring. This knife would make any mushroom collector happy.

The Mico 2 is Mercury's top of the line mushroom collector's knife. It also has a rosewood handle, tweezers, ruler, and natural bristle brush. But it also includes a special pruning blade, and a compass with map scales! This is a great knife.

Please check out our inventory of mushroom collecting knives from mercury. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

We also offer a wide selection of unusual, high quality imported cutlery. Maybe you'll see something that you can't live without. We feature knives from Joker, Conaz, Laguiole, Esparcia, Okapi, EKA, Mercury, Lion Steel, Andujar, Linder, Kissing Cranes and many more!

Whether you are interested in high quality pocket, folding, hunting, or other quality knives, World Knives will have something for you. Our inventory is always growing.

Our buyer is always searching the world for new sources of unique, high quality, imported collectors cutlery. The knife has a limitless, universal appeal and it is our goal to bring the fascinating variations in design and craftsmanship represented by knife makers from around the world to one place for you to enjoy - World Knives!

We are always glad to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique blades. We are especially interested in high quality cutlery from around the world.

Mushroom knives are especially popular and we want to offer as many varieties as we can to our growing customer base. At World Knives we have a wide selection of Mushroom Knives.

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Mushroom Knives

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