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5/30/7 Hello Freinds! I am writing from a Turkish Internet Cafe in the old part of Solingen. I spent this morning walking around this part of town filming the ruins of the old knife factories. There are so many!

It rained for two days and I was able to get caught up with some of the preliminaries related to the interviews in the following days. But, today it is clear blue sky and I took the oppurtunity to film as much of the city as possible. Ernst Felix, president of Boker, is picking me up at my hotel at 2:00 and will take me on a tour of the facility. I will interview him on tape and hopefully film in their workshop.

I spent the day yesterday at Puma-werk filming an interview with Heinz Peter Knoop. He is tzheir leaD and the Puma shop. So far the trip has been smooth and without a hitch. The equipment is working well and so far everyone is enthusiastic about the project.

Someone is on the floor next to me saying mid-day prayers. IŽll just pretend to be Canadian.

5/21/7- I'll be leaving for Germany on May 27th to work on a documentary project about the history of the cutlery industry in Solingen. I plan to add updates about the trip as the days pass. If you are interested please keep an eye on this page for updates.

5/21/7 - On May 6th The New York Times Magazine published a full color spread about picnic knives. Out of the five examples they featured two of our knives! One was the Therias Navette which is a traditional French picnic knife. The other was the Maserin shotgun shell puller (not exactly a picnic knife - but they liked it!) The article brought a lot of attention to the new website and we sold out of those models quickly. As of today we have new shipments of these knives in transit.

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