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Pocket knives from several unique manufacturers from around the world is what we do best! To see our unique selection of pocket knives please click the links above or use the drop down menus to the left.Pocket Knives

Pocket knives from several unique manufacturers from around the world is what we do best!

To see our unique selection of hunting, skinning, pocket, culinary and specialty knives please click the logo above!

Pocket knives are one of the most popular categories of collectibles there are. There are so many sub-categories of folders that someone who is collecting has an almost limitless number of choices.

In fact it can be somewhat overwhelming. For example, you may be interested in collecting stag handle pocket knives. But there are literally hundreds of styles of blades that are made with stag handles. So most collectors will narrow their focus to stag handle models of a particular style or type like a canoe or hawk bill pattern for example.

But the collector still has some room to narrow his or her focus. Do you focus on antique models, models from a particular company, models from European manufacturers, a specific US manufacturer or models that are only in mint condition, commemoratives, club knives, limited editions???

Obviously, there are a lot of choices to be made for a category of pocket knives. Some collectors choose to simply acquire a large number of knifes of any kind that appeal to them. They may simply collect what appeals to them on a visceral level. Or they may focus only on knives that they feel will appreciate in value.

Whatever kind you choose, collecting knives is sure to be a satisfying way to spend your time. Here is a little history of the folding knife.

It was a natural course of events for the knife that was originally a simple fixed blade knife to become what we now know as the folding or pocket knife.

The earliest folders were constructed with no springs. They simply folded back into themselves under ones own power. Some of these are still reproduced in Italy and other countries.

The majority of contemporary folders do indeed have back springs. But there is a whole new generation of blades that have been designed with various opening and locking mechanisms that would have confounded our contemporaries.

One of the most innovative, simple and successful innovations of the 20th century pocket knife is the liner lock. The liner lock is not only an effective means to keep a blade open under use, but most designs allow for one hand opening. This is extremely convenient under many circumstances.

There are so many styles and models of unique, imported, and collectors cutlery that it is impossible to represent them all.

We are trying to get cutlery from every corner of the world in order to represent as many interesting quality knifes as we can. We are always glad to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique pocket knives.

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Pocket Knives

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