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Scandinavian Knives

Scandinavian Knives are a favorite of ours at World Knives. Some of the finest, sharpest, handiest knives produced come from Scandinavia countries.


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Probably the most notable thing about Scandinavian knives is their ability to attain and hold a razor sharp edge. Depending on the knife and the company producing it this "scary" sharpness is reached in different ways.

Norwegian knives are famous for their laminated steel. They have a center layer of very hard stainless steel - usually with a Rockwell of 57-60. (Rockwell is a a measurement of steel hardness based on the depth of the penetration of a small diamond cone pressed into the steel.) The outer two layers are softer stainless steel. This combination makes for a blade that can attain an incredibly sharp edge.

The Swedish developed a steel called Sandvik. This steel was originally developed for surgical instruments for which razor sharpness could be a matter of life or death. You often hear Sandvik referred to as "surgical steel" or Swedish steel". It is a very popular steel not only with Swedish knives but high quality French knives. It has many of the characteristics of softer carbon steel (ease of sharpening and ability to attain a VERY sharp edge) but is stainless, harder and keeps an edge better.

Traditionally, Finnish knives were hand forged from silver steel and heat treated repeatedly. This process created a blade that was hard, sharp and easily honed. Some of the finer Finish knife makers still use this process. Many of the current production knives are made from varying grades of stainless steel.

The most famous and recognizable knives from Finland is the Puukko. The Puukko is a simple, utilitarian knife with no guard and a somewhat squat design. It's development is attributed to the Sammi people - a nomadic group of Lapplanders. It has a wide, flat pommel and generally has a handle made from Arctic Birch.

Other less known models of Finish knives are the Leuku or Stuorrannibi, much like the Puukko.

The Tollekniv is a whittling knife native to Norway. It is very similar to the Puukko design wise, but tends to have a hardwood handle and silver or pweter mounts. The pommel is narrower as well.

A knife popular to Sweden is the sloyd knife. It is a smaller knife tending to be about 5" in length. It is denoted by a barrel shaped handle. There is also a folding version sometimes called a "barrel" knife

There are a myriad of styles and designs of Scandinavian knives - far too many to go into here. But we hope this has given you a helpful overview.

We offer several brands of Scandinavian knives here at World Knives. We have Helle of Norway, EKA of Sweden, Roselli of Finland and Brusletto of Norway.

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Scandinavian Knives

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