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Stag Knives

We have a large assortment of hunting and pocket knives with stag handles. Please check out our growing selection.

Stag knives are some of our favorite's here at World Knives including blades by Linder, A. Wright, Joker and many others.

Many of our items feature real deer stag handles.

To see our unique selection of stag knives please click one of the links above or use one of the drop down menus to the left.

Stag has been a long time favorite material for knife handles. In part because it is light, durable, and attractive. But it has also been readily accessible as it has always been a by product of the hunt.

The fact that it is a natural animal product means that that no two handles made from stag will be the same. It insures a unique, one of a kind knife every time.

Unique cutlery from around the world is our specialty. We feature the highest quality blades available from all over the world.

We also feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, EKA, Mercury, Linder, Helle, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield and many more!

Whether you are interested in high quality pocket, folding, hunting, or other quality knives, we will have something for you. Our inventory is always growing.

The knife has limitless, universal appeal and it is our goal to bring the fascinating variations in design and craftsmanship represented by knife makers from around the world to one place for you to enjoy - World Knives!

Stag knives are especially popular and we want to offer as many varieties as we can to our growing customer base. At World Knives we love stag Knives.

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Stag Knives

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