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The Knife: Primary Form of Art, Culture and Design

Here is a partial list of knife uses to show how knives are the most prolific tool in history.

Please contact us to add to this list ... if you can!knives for art: pallet knife, whittling knife, pumpkin carving knife, leather working knife, glass cutting knife, matt cutting knife knives for food: mushroom collecting knife, carving knife, paring knife, sushi knife, slicing knife, chefs knife, santoku knife, boning knife, steak knife, butter knife, fish knife, laguiole steak knife, cheese knife, cleaver, ham slicing knife, salmon slicer, tomato knife, bagel knife, utility knife, peeling knife, garlic knife, sandwhich knife, fillet knife, decorating knife, fluting knife, fluting knife, usuba hocho knife, deba hocho knife, grapefruit knife, chestnut knife, mincing knife, tourner knife knives for religion: ceremonial knife, laguiole cross knife, sacrificial knife, figural deity knife, symbolic knife, portable worship knife, circumcision knife knives for love: italian wedding knife, culinary wedding gift, father to son knives as hate: the kkk knife, any knife used an offensive weapon, the prison shiv, nazi dagger knives for survival: the survival knife, the hunting knife, paratroopers knife, white water rafters knife, emergency responders knife, any food knife, obsidian flint knife work knives: rubber tree knife, machete, leather working knife, matte cutting knife, fishing knife, sailors knife, cake knife, chefs knife knives as literature: the quill knife, knife as pencil sharpener, pen knife knives for evil: satanic dagger, nazi dagger, prison shiv, any knife as a murder weapon knives for good: the scalpel, any gift knife, presentation knife, seat belt cutting knife knives for beauty: shaving razor, scalpel, cutical knife, fingernail file knife knives as investment: art knives, antique knives, historical knives, rare knives, famous knives, movie knives, prototypes, limited addition knives, knives by famous makers, knives as whimsy: trick knives, figural knives, novelty knives knives as agriculture: pruning knives, budding knives, grafting knives, lettuce cutting knife, celery cutting knife, machetes, lettuce trimming knife, oyster shucking knife, cane cutting knives, corn harvesting knife, banana harvesting knife, cotton sampling knife, melon tester, grape hook knives, beet knife industrial knives: electricians knife, duct insulation "sticker", shoe knife, roofing knife, rubber tapping knife, carpet knife, linoleum knife surgical knives: standard scalpel, dental scalpel, skin grafting knife, orthopedic surgery knife, shaving knife, postmortem knives knives for fun: throwing knives, novelty knives, knives for knife collecting, mushroom collecting knife, juggling knives, hunting knives, whittling knives, knives as politics: political advertisement knives, gifts to dignitaries knives as tribute: military presentation, commemorative knives, anniversary knives, knives as defense: tactical knives, military knives, boot daggers, switchblades, stilettos, martial arts knives knives as commerce: knife trading, knife manufacturers, knife shows, knife trade publications, knife retailers, knife designers, knife exporters, knife importers, knives as props: theatrical knives, Halloween costume knives, movie knives, retractable blade knives knives as gifts: military presentation knives, father to son, italian wedding knife, groomsmen's gifts, fathers day gift, culinary knives as wedding gift knives as puzzles: secret lock knives, double action knives, secret opening knives ...

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