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The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift is a knife from World Knives - fine collectors blades and unique imported knives you cannot find anywhere else.

The perfect gift is a unique. high quality knife from World Knives! We have knives you have never seen before - knives from every corner of the globe!


We feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, Forge deLaguiole, EKA, Mercury, Linder, Kissing Cranes, Helle, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield, M. Nieto and many more.

One of these knives surely would make the perfect gift for the one you love!

Knives have a universal appeal. They are They are beautiful, artistic, useful and will last a lifetime. They come in all price ranges and are inexpensive to ship.

Because knives are useful and aesthetically beautiful, they have proven to be a popular gift for both men and women.

World Knives offers a large variety of unique pocket, hunting, culinary and specialty knives from around the world.

Laguiole, France is the birthplace of the world's finest folding knives. Artisans have been handcrafting these knives for over 170 years with every attention paid to detail and craftsmanship.

These knives make very special wedding, birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts.

These are very popular knives made by hand in small quantities so if you are interested please make your order early. They sell out quickly.

Most people who hear the name "Henckels" think of high-end kitchen cutlery. Did you know that J.A. Henckels makes some of the finest pocket knives coming out of Solingen Germany?

The attention to detail and craftsmanship with these knives is amazing! Each of these unique knives is serialized on the bolster to maintain a high collectible value. Perhaps one of these would be the perfect gift?

The material and workmanship of these knives is incredible! The handles are available in European Gunstock Walnut, Buffalo Horn, Mother of Pearl and a variety of other materials.

The knives of Conaz Cutlery of Italy are special. Their refined beauty comes from a centuries old tradition of Italian knife-making.

Each knife is based on a traditional design native to a particular region of Italy. This craft of knives has been handed down for centuries. The Consigli brothers, proprietors of CONAZ, are carrying on with this craft following the traditional methods of fabrication.

Any of the Conaz knives will make a perfect gift.

Whether you are interested in high quality pocket, folding, hunting, or other quality knives, World Knives will have something for you. Our inventory is always growing. So please click through and take a look.

We are always glad to hear from individuals or manufacturers about their unique blades. We are especially interested in high quality cutlery from around the world.

Please take some time to look around at our growing inventory. We are sure you will find a knife that will be the perfect gift.

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The Perfect Gift

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