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Unique Knives

A huge variety of unusual knives you will not find anywhere else!


Unique knives from around the world - fine collectors blades, imported and other unusual items. You simply cannot find this selection of items anywhere else on the web.

To see our unique selection of hunting, skinning, pocket, culinary and specialty knives please click the logo above!

We have the finest cutlery available from all over the world. All our blades are hand picked for their unique design and quality.

We feature knives from Joker, Brusletto, Conaz, Forge de Laguiole, EKA, Mercury, Linder, Helle, Masahiro, Maserin, MCusta, Roselli, Sheffield and several other manufacturers.

Our selection of cutlery is always growing. Our buyers are always roving the world for new sources of high quality, imported cutlery.

We offer a growing selection of cutlery that is difficult or impossible to find anywhere else. The influx of large numbers of cheap, low quality blades have tended to give imports a bad name. In reality some of the finest blades available are produced abroad.

Italian knife makers, for example, are very particular in their craftsmanship and offer several unique blades. The traditional knives of Italy are great and steeped in the rich history and needs of the particular region of Italy.

There are several styles of Italian blades that have been produced for several hundred years such as, Arburese, Bergamasco, Zuava, Pattada, Vendetta and Rasolino.

You will see several Italian cutlers still reproducing these styles identical to Italian knife makers of days gone by. You will also see modern Italian knife makers making interesting "cross-over" models combining aspects of older Italian knives with new materials and modern designs.

Of course this synthesis is not limited to any particular region or country. If we look at the history of knife making in the United States, or any where, we can see a similar progression. Modern knife manufacturers have really taken this idea to its limit.

World Knives goal is to offer a wide selection of the finest and most unique cutlery from around the world in one place.

We support and promote individual artists, small companies and other knife producers from around the world with the hope that knives that have not been available in the United States will enrich the knife collectors and user here.

We pride ourselves on personal customer service and our availability to answer questions about our products. We understand that without our customers we simply could not exist.

We believe that knives have a strong universal appeal and fascination.

We bring together knife collectors, enthusiasts, manufacturers, custom knife makers and anyone who is fascinated with unique excellent quality knives from around the world.

It is our goal to make World Knives the premier place for anyone interested in unique imported knives and cutlery.

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Unique Knives

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