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Vintage Knives

Vintage knives from around the world can be found at our Old Wolrd Knives & Antiquities website. It is an arm of World Knives, Ltd.Vintage Knives

Vintage knives from around the world is one of the things you will find at Old World World Knives & antiquities. Our goal is to provide as many high quality knives from as many parts of the world for you to enjoy.

Besides a wide variety of brand new production and hand made knives from Solingen, Germany; Laguiole, France; Sheffield, England; Seki, Japan and several other places around the world, we also offer a growing selection of imported vintage knives.

We buy and sell vintage pocket knives and vintage hunting knives from all over the world. Many of the knives we have are difficult or impossible to find anywhere else. We also are an active purchaser of antique or vintage knives. Please call us toll free at 866-862-5233 and perhaps we can do some business!

Depending on when you look you might see an antique vintage bowie knife made in Sheffield England or a mint 1960s German stag handle pocket knife that has never been used! They come and they go quickly so check back often.

We are careful to price the knives we have below book value. But if you see a knife you really like and think the price is out of line let us know. We may be able to offer a discount depending upon what we have invested in the knife.

There are several vintage knives from around the world that are of interest to collectors. If it is old and unique and of good quality there is generally someone who collects it.

Values vary widely and are contingent upon many factors including condition, style, rarity, maker and most importantly market demand.

Many of the vintage knives of Norway, Finland and Sweden are collectible. The Lapland knives, Puuko's, and Leuku knives are popular styles. Also, the vintage pocket knife calleda a Sloyd knife has grown in popularity.

Many of the German daggers, folding knives and bowies are still very popular.

The Kris from Malaysia is notable in it's multi layered blade and unique style. There are several variations many of which are popular among collectors.

It would be impossible to list them all here, but needless to say there are countless knives from around the world that have value to collectors.

If you are interested in seeing our collection of vintage pocket knives for sale please click the link above and enter World Knives. If you are interested in selling your vintage knives please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 866-862-5233 or 360-250-1573.

We are interested in you as a customer, client or simply a knife enthusiast. Please check out World Knives. Let us know if we can help you buy or sell your vintage knives.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

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Vintage Knives

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