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Maruyoshi Triple Layered Folding Knife -Brass - MUMY120SMaruyoshi Triple Layered Folding Knife -Brass - MUMY120SMaruyoshi Triple Layered Folding Knife -Brass - MUMY120S
Maruyoshi Triple Layered Folding Knife -Brass - MUMY120S
Status: In Stock
Weight:0.20 lbs
Length:5.25 "
Blade Length:3.75 "
Blade Material:See Description
Handle Material:See Description
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Product Features
This unique knife features a very fine triple laminated high carbon steel blade.

The Japanese use this type of knife for wood carving, but it certainly can be used for a variety of cutting needs.

The handle is polished brass.

There is no spring on this knife and is considered a "friction folder".

On the blade the Japanese characters translate as:Triple Layers

On Box and Handle the Japanese characters translate as: Registered Trademark and Sword Master "Miyamoto Musashi"

For a brief introduction of Japanese legendary swordsman "Miyamoto Musashi", please visit Wikipedia.

Pleas note the recommendations from Maruyoshi about the care of high carbon steel:

"- The blades are forged from several layers of carbon steel. The cutting
edges are extremely hard but also relatively brittle. Rough handling can
lead to chipping of the blade and other damage.

-The carbon steel used is unalloyed in order to maximize sharpness. As a
result, the steel is not corrosion-free and must be washed and stored with
care. The knife blades should be washed by hand and wiped dry immediately
after use especially when get some dirt by acid stuff. They should be
stored in a dry environment. For additional protection, apply a small
amount of acid-free, non-toxic oil after use."

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